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ugc content creator



About Me

Hi! I'm Adyel & it's a pleasure to e-meet you! I am a 24 year old content creator who's been creating YouTube videos since 8 years old (yes, you read that correctly!) I taught myself how to film and edit videos 16 years ago, and it's been my life passion ever since. I mainly create content on my social platforms about beauty, fashion & my life, however, my video creating passions never stopped there. I recently began my journey as a UGC content creator, and that's where YOU come in! I'd love to create content that embodies your brand image and audience, no matter what niche. My intense background in content creation and influencer marketing combines with my studies in business management, marketing, product development, consumerism, social media, etc. I also have experience working in social media and influencer management, so I truly believe I am best fit to make all of your content visions come to life, while also growing & scaling your audience & sales! But enough of this.

Let's dive into the good stuff..

16+ years of content creation & video editing experience

5+ years of marketing & social media management experience

3 degrees in business management, product development, marketing & merchandising (FIDM Los Angeles)

Some of My Work


More of My Work

fashion, jewelry, accessories

More of My Work

skin & hair care

More of My Work

services, in person experiences, food, home decor, etc.

*looking to build in these niches*

More of My Work


Ad Creation /

Video Editing

Video Editing for Advertisements

some previous work from my former full-time role

Fully Edited Videos for Your Website

Services Include

Product Demo/Tutorial Videos

Voice Over/Text-to-Speech Videos

Unboxing Videos

Testimonial Videos

First Impressions Videos

Try-On/Haul Videos

Aesthetic Videos

Vlog/Travel Videos

Service Demo Videos

Food / Restaurant Videos

ASMR Videos

Video Editing*

Photography/Modeling Services

Product/Lifestyle Photography

Livestream Model / TikTok Shop Livestream experience*

Sponsored posts/content posted on my Social Platforms*


*Email me to inquire more about my experience in these services

Contact me for pricing, usage rights, custom packages, monthly retainer rates, & more

Let's work together

& create some magic!


Available for in person bookings:

Greater Los Angeles Area, or inquire for travel